In this changing world, our team is quite dedicated to develop the human resource for our dynamic and expanding community the state, the nation, the region and world at large.

Through our institution, we will cultivate all rounds of qualities in a student through excellence in education that shall foster academics, understanding, brilliance, physical development, psychological strengths, resourcefulness, and creative skills, social responsibilities and concern per one environment.


The main Mission of the society:-

  • To initiate, advocate and share with educators technology-enriched teaching, learning and leadership options for tomorrow, empowered by unique alliances with educational and community partners.
  • To evolve world class institution which provide high standard learning and education?
  • Prepare student for to face challenging world.
  • To enhance the lives of people throughout the world through quality education, that is the physical moral, religious and spiritual development.
  • To encourage interdisciplinary inquiry that integrates practical and intellectual perspectives. We aim to preserve and enhance the highest standards of excellence and prepare generations for the 21st century.
  • R.K.S.P.S students are helped to master the expanding horizons of technology has also become the repository of a deep commitment to Indian ethos and culture in its pristine form.
  • R.K.S.P.S Students are carefully sensitized to environmental concerns, the feeling of nationalism and communal harmony.
  •  We understand the contemporary challenges of education and commit to fulfilling collective responsibilities towards children in the country.



Education is backbone of the society. The role of education is light the lamp of knowledge, ignite the fire of skill acquisition and to foster the young mind discover their true selves. it is the challenging task to develop the complete personality of the students.

Ohdar Educational Society committees are committed to provide quality education to develop the personality of the future citizen of dynamic and pulsating nation. we make the concreate effort towards the development of academic, sports and other activities to make each of our students a wholesome entity.

Ohdar Educational Society, at R.K. Sapphire Public School has undertaken the task of creating worthy citizens of the country by exploring the various facets of education in the changing scenario. We shall imbibe all the possibilities of wisdom and create R.K. Sapphire Public School as a true center of excellence.

We believe that our students deserve quality education in an environment, which is structured, challenging, stimulating and caring.

We provide a challenging and stimulating environment to facilitate the intellectual, creative, social, emotional and personal development of our students.

Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives of the society in starting network of schools were;

  • Non-profit service
  • Propagating man making education
  • Pursuit of excellence
  • Child Centered
  • Serving middle and lower middle class people

Society Management Committee Members

The R.K.SAPPHIRE PUBLIC SCHOOL, KAMDARA is a non-profit, non-propriety, private, educational organization. R.K.SAPPHIRE PUBLIC SCHOOL, KAMDARA managed by OHDAR EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY is an English medium co-educational, secular school provide educational from class 1 to class 8. The school family with its transactional identity is not merely list of institution, person or fact it is a network of values systems and relationships.

Committee members are committed to

  1. We provide quality education to develop the personality of the future citizens of dynamic & pulsating nation.
  2. We make a concrete effort towards the development of academics, sport & other activities to make each of students a wholesome entity.
  3. We   provide a challenging & stimulating environment to facilitate the intellectual, creative, emotional & personal development of students.
  4. We shall imbibe all the possibilities of wisdom & create school as a true center of excellence.

Your Future Starts Here.

The aim of all education undoubtedly is the attainment of human excellence perfection and divinity not just in the field of knowledge or activity but life in totality. School plays a major role in molding the ideal habits and attitudes of children with a view to produce well balanced personalities; physically strong, mentally alert, emotionally stable, culturally sound, socially efficient and ethically excellent. In short education is for life and living.